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14 Dec by secretive22john

Penis Enlargement Bible Review – What Results You Can Expect?

Hello everyone, I am Steve and I would like to welcome you to my Penis Enlargement Bible review.


I Have Used Penis Enlargement Bible For 4 Months And I Will Talk About My Results

I’ve using male enhancement pills since few years but I always wanted something different.

I wanted something to give me permanent gains.

During my research, I discovered many people were talking about penis exercises.

Also known as penile exercises, the best ones are tested and proven by clinical studies to increase penis size PERMANENTLY and also improve overall sexual health.

After doing a lot of research, I decided to order a few penis enlargement programs. I did this to test the effectiveness, quality, and potential for success.

Penis Enlargement Bible (or PE Bible) was the top among them. I used this plan for 4 months.

Before I talk about my results, I am going to tell you what it is, and how it works.

What Is Penis Enlargement Bible?

Penis Enlargement Bible

This is a 94 pages eBook that talks about 2-step ‘Biochemical’ method to increase penis length and girth.

The ‘Biochemical’ method is 100% natural method, it is scientifically proven and based on scientific research. It based on a concept of “increasing height after Puberty”.

Doctors and scientists proved that an increase in height after puberty is possible with the right nutrition and proper exercise.

You have to do exercises as well. These exercises will take only 15-20 minutes.

Penile exercising is the safest, proven and cheapest method for penis enlargement. You will get a penile exercising routine that you can use to achieve maximum gains in shortest time humanly possible.

How Does Penis Enlargement Bible Work?

PE Bible is very effective because the whole penis growth process is based on two pillars.

Pillar #1 – Biochemical (As It Grew During Puberty):

To understand the concept behind this, it is important to think about what happened in puberty?

How did your penis grow in puberty without any pill, exercise, extender or even surgery?

It is due to Biochemical that occurs naturally due to a chain reaction in the body during the puberty age. These biochemicals responded to the receptors in your body and cause steady growth.

But once you matured and puberty age comes to an end then this chain reaction stopped as well.

PE Bible works on rebooting this chain reaction. As you see this chain reaction happened before that is the reason, this method is 100% safe, natural and effective for growth.

The conclusion of this is, in order to restart penis growth, it is important to start producing Biochemicals.

Remember, this is not the simple and overnight process. But, it is possible!

A good plan such as the Penis Enlargement Bible can show you how to make it possible and get a bigger and stronger penis.

Pillar #2 – Mechanical – Penile Exercising:

Many people think penile exercises alone can make penis bigger, however, they don’t. If you used them before then you agree on it.

Penile exercising can accelerate the process. Just like gym workouts accelerate the process of fat burning.

As I already mentioned, Penile is the safest, cheapest and effective method for penile growth. But, if the body doesn’t have enough nutrients then the penis will not grow.

In penile exercising, you are providing a gentle stretch to the penis that causes cells in your penis tissue to break down. These cells will rebuild in more quantity than before and make penis tissue to grow.

This process will increase blood flow into the penis and also the size of blood vessels in your penis. This will make the penis to hold more blood thus increasing its size.

Clinical Study:

Penis Enlargement Bible is tested many times. 2,256 men took part in a study that took place in 2018.

These participants were told to use 2-step ‘biochemical’ method for 6 months.

They achieved the following results:

  • The average increase in erection length was 3.8 cm (around 1.5 inches)
  • The average increase in erection girth was 1.6 cm (around 0.6 inches)

The great thing about this study was, participants saw an increase in their flaccid size as well.

This was just one study, it is proven many times that PE Bible does work!

You can look at the below graph to see how participants gain size month-after-month.

PE Bible length growth graph
image credit –

Order Processing, Payment & Shipping

Penis Enlargement Bible order form

Clickbank is the payment processor of this program which is the biggest marketplace for digital eBooks and programs. You will get the following payment option:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Debit Card

The order process is quick and I placed my order in less than 5 minutes

You will get immediate access once you complete the order. You will get all the files into your email.

Of course, shipping is free and discreet.

My Results With Penis Enlargement For 4 Months:

I followed the 2-step ‘biochemical’ method exactly for the 4 months and I gained 1.2 inches in length and 0.3 inches in girth.

Results were not overnight.

It does take time to adjust your routine according to the plan mentioned by John Collins in this program.

If you follow the plan and complete your workout for several months then you also able to see some increase in your penis size. PE Bible does work!

To get the results I did, I use all 20 herbs that recommend in this program and did exercise every alternate day for 4 months.

It does take time, but it totally worth it.

If you want to look at my BEFORE and AFTER photo then you can look at it below:

penis enlargement bible before and after

What Can You Expect From Penis Enlargement Bible?

You already aware of my results with this program; now I am going to tell you what you can expect to achieve if you use the 2-step biochemical method mentioned in this program. Here is what you can get:

  • A Thicker Penis Head: In this program, you are going to learn penis exercises that are designed to increase blood flow into the penis. This will leads to a firmer, stronger and longer erection which will eventually help you while making love with your love. This exercise is so simple that it needs only WILL of your mind.
  • Control: If you want to make great sex with your partner then you need to have good control during sexual intercourse. This program aims to help you achieve great control over your ejaculation.
  • Intense Orgasm: John Collins has included a separate chapter that will teach you how to properly train your PC muscle so that you can have a powerful and intense orgasm while making sex.
  • Bigger Erection Power: Many people don’t know, but erection power is one of the key element for satisfying sexual experience. This is what you are going to achieve.


  • Proven and tested many times
  • Based on scientific research
  • No Side Effects
  • Easy-to-read book
  • Purchase and order is discreet
  • Improves sex stamina
  • Permanent results
  • Stronger and Longer Erections


  • Take time to work
  • Need dedication and efforts

Final Thoughts:

Penis Enlargement Bible result

Penis Enlargement Bible is the top-selling enlargement program in Clickbank Marketplace and for a good reason.

I achieved results in 4 months but in these months it has changed my entire life.

Although, results will not come overnight, it’s worth the efforts.

If you want results just like I did then you have to follow the plan to-the-point for 4 months to get results.

My wife is very happy now and sex is a lot more comfortable and better for me.

She always said by the previous size was perfect, but I know she clearly lied.

PE Bible is best for those guys who want a scientifically proven, tested and effective penis enlargement program.

Penis Enlargement Bible comes with discreet billing as well. Customer support is quick and they also provide 2-month money back guarantee.

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